Episodes Edit

Episode 1: Darkness Rises: Edit



#0 Prologue: Edit

It tells what happened before the actual comic.

In September 1st 2020, ramonmaster found 3 magical shards. One with the power of death, the other with the power of life, and the other had the power of ice. He expand their powers into 3 nuclear bombs. But once the US army found out about it, they took the bombs away.


#1 The Man who killed Earth: Edit

At the start shows a Scene of a prison, Dark is in cage and Dragon Starts talking to her. Then she reveals that's not the real her and that it was the Illusion Crystal. And that the real Dark was on the past to Save The Man Who Killed Earth.

TheChaos2 Cover

#2 An Invincible Shadow:

Dragon and Ramon gets on the car to go where the crystal was located. Dragon tells Ramon to keep talking to Miles (Revealing that he knows its existence).

#3 TBA: