Sidra is in the le jungle by sheezy93-d7zqwrv
Sidra in the Jungle by Sheezy93
Biographical overview
Birthplace England
Age 21
Status Alive
Species Rabbit
Physical description
Fur/Skin Pink/Purple (Fur), Black (Hair)
Eye Brown
Gender Female
Alignment and character traits
Alignment Good
Favorite food Unknown
Likes Unknown
Dislikes Unknown
Skills Enhanced Hearing
Siblings Unknown
Parents Unknown
Grandparents Unknown
Engaged/Married/Dating Unknown
Son/Daughter Unknown

Friends Ramonmaster



First Appearance Unknown

Appearance of Death Unknown
Appearance in other media Deviantart

Phantom of ScrapBrain zone Page 26

Sidra belongs to Sheezy93. Sidra is a cameo during The Chaos.

History Edit

History of this character is unknown.

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