"The key to perfection, is imperfection."


Ramonmaster's Icon
Biographical overview
Birthplace Brazil
Age 14
Status Alive
Species Human
Physical description
Fur/Skin Light Brown (skin), Brown (Hair);
Eye Darkbrown
Gender Male
Alignment and character traits
Alignment Unknown
Favorite food Unknown
Likes Video-Games,

Recording, Computers, Tails the Fox, Drawing, Playing, FNAF, Mangle;

Dislikes Bad games,

New games, Skyrim;

Skills Editing


Siblings Unknown
Parents Unknown
Grandparents Unknown
Engaged/Married/Dating None
Son/Daughter None

Friends Nikodemus Hopkins,

Morgan The Rabbit;


First Appearance Unknown

Appearance of Death Unknown
Appearance in other media Youtube,


Ramonmaster is pratically unknown since there is no information about him. The only info there is, is his DA's account Bio and Portifolio. Ramonmaster is only seen on Youtube.

Comics CreatedEdit

The Elder Scrolls V: The Argonian's Adventure.

The Chaos

Gallery Edit

Five Nights at Freddy's Fan Arts

Ask Foxy and Mangle

The Chaos

The Elder Scrolls V: The Argonian's Adventure.