" My name is Ramonmaster, and believe or not, this is my story. "


Vital statistics
Author Ramonmaster
Illustrator Ramonmaster
Published on December 2th
Published by Deviantart
Chapter The Chaos
Price Free
Publication order
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None The Second War
Prologue was released at Deviantart by ramonmaster on December 2nd. It was suppose to be released at December 5th, but it was released earlier for unknown reasons.

Plot Edit

It tells what happened before the actual comic.

In September 1st 2020, ramonmaster found 3 magical shards. One with the power of death, the other with the power of life, and the other had the power of ice. He expand their powers into 3 nuclear bombs. But once the US army found out about it, they took the bombs away.

Ramonmaster stole their plans, and they were going to treat other countries in exchange of money. He, reacting to that, went to Russia to stop the US General/President H. Marvin.

Some time later, ramonmaster told the world about the nuclear bombs and the US plans. So they went to the US to do a strike to restore the bombs.

When Ramonmaster got to the bombs, he couldn't take them, the death bomb was already activated. At that moment he was injected with sleeping poison.

When he woke up, the world was destroyed. He found a group of survivors, they wanted to use the other two bombs to restore the world. Ramonmaster offered his help to get the bombs. Once they activated them, earth was frozen for 3 months. After that he went home.

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Trivia Edit

  • It was the first The Chaos issue to be released before it was suppose to.
  • It was the first comic ever sold by ramonmaster.
  • After 12/03/2014 the comic is free.