"You'll need a gun. Because it won't be easy."

-Dragon, #1 The Man Who killed Earth.

Dragon Short 1
Biographical overview
Birthplace Crystown, Brazil
Age 34 (Physical)

1424 (Biological)

Status Alive
Species Dragon
Physical description
Fur/Skin Blue, Light Blue
Eye Yellow
Gender Male
Alignment and character traits
Alignment Good
Favorite food Unknown
Likes Robotics
Dislikes Dark Souls
Skills Water Control,

Electricity, Fly;

Siblings Dark Souls,


Parents Unknown
Grandparents Unknown
Engaged/Married/Dating Unknown
Son/Daughter Unknown

Friends Unknown

First Appearance #1 The Man who Killed Earth

Appearance of Death Unknown
Appearance in other media Unknown

Dragon, is one of the main characters of The End Crystals.

Dragon was originally created in 2006 and published at 2008 on the first The Chaos comic.

History Edit

Dragon's Past is Unknown so far.

Ralationships Edit

It is unknown what Dragon thinks of Ramon. But he always looks at him with a Hate look.

Dragon express a true Hate look whenever he looks at Golden, as if he did something horrible to Dragon.

Gonda is a Daughter to Dragon. He takes care of her as if she's the last person alive.

Dragon truly hates his own sister. As shown on The Chaos #1, Dragon might care for her. But if he's able to kill her, he won't have Mercy.

He might not speak to Miles directly, but he knows about his existence.

Powers and Abilities Edit


Trivia Edit

  • Dragon knows about Miles without Ramon telling him.

Personality Edit

Dragon is always mad and sad. He looks at Ramon and Golden as if they did something to him, and is always looking down, sad.