Dark Short 1
Biographical overview
Birthplace Crystown, Brazil
Age 34 (Physical)

1424 (Biological)

Status Alive
Species Half-Dragon
Physical description
Fur/Skin Light and Dark Grey
Eye Red
Gender Female
Alignment and character traits
Alignment Evil
Favorite food Unknown
Likes Kill,

Evil, Shadow, Crystals, Torture;

Dislikes Good;
Skills Darkness,


Siblings Dragon
Parents Unknown
Grandparents Unknown
Engaged/Married/Dating Unknown
Son/Daughter Unknown

Friends Unknown

First Appearance #1 The Man who Killed Earth

Appearance of Death Unknown
Appearance in other media Unknown

Dark, is one of the Main Characters of The End Crystals.

Dark was originally created at 2008, but only published at 2009 in the old The Chaos comics.

Past Edit

Dark's past is unknown.

Relationships Edit

Dragon is Dark's brother. Ever since the War Started she wants him dead.

She has no problems with Ramon, until he joined Dragon.

Powers and Abilities Edit

  • Flight:

As shown in The Chaos #1, Dark can grow wings, just like any other Half-Dragon.

  • Darkness:

Once Dark joined the Darkness, she can now mix any magic with her Darkness, and cancel any Light Spells.

Trivia Edit