The Chaos
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Vital statistics
Author Ramonmaster
Illustrator Ramonmaster
Published on 2008
Published by Deviantart
Chapter Unknown
Price Unknown
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The Chaos is made by Ramonmaster, it was the first comic he ever made.  It was first released on Deviantart around 2008, but in 2014, Ramonmaster deactivated his account and made a new one.


In the year 2022, the young wolf Ramonmaster, ends the World War 3. But then, is taken to the future to collect 24 Crystals of Chaos, before the evil DarkSouls, a ancient dragon that killed the first living being on earth, that cause the separation of a Crystal heart, which created the 24 crystals, once a person use all of them at the same time, that person shall unleash the most powerful magics ever created. It's up to Ramonmaster and his team to stop DarkSouls and collect the 24 crystals before her.


  1. Darkness Rises
  2. Desert of Mysteries
  3. TBA.

Episode 1: Darkness Rises IssuesEdit

  1.  Prologue
  2.  The Second War
  3. TBA.

Sub-Comics Edit

The Trident of Atlantis




Trivia Edit

  • It was announced in November 22th on Twitter, that the comic would be out in November 28th.
  • It was announced in November 23th on Twitter, that the comic would be out in December 5th.