#1 The Second War
Vital statistics
Author Ramonmaster
Illustrator Ramonmaster
Published on 02/06/2015
Published by Deviantart
Chapter The Chaos
Price 20P
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Prologue #2 An Invincible Shadow
The Chaos #1 The Man who Killed Earth (001), was created by Ramonmaster and published on

It was released on Madefire at 02/06/2015. Readable Online.

Featured Characters Edit

Ramon Phillips



Golden Del Vagas


Miles (Mentioned Only)

Plot Edit

At the start shows a Scene of a prison, Dark is in cage and Dragon Starts talking to her. Then she reveals that's not the real her and that it was the Illusion Crystal. And that the real Dark was on the past to Save The Man Who Killed Earth.

Then it shows Ramon Phillips and Golden Del Vagas at Crystown, Rooftops. Ramon jumps off the building but Dark catches him, but when they go back to safe ground he attacks her, but Dragon puts and gun on his back and treats to kill him if he hurt Dark.

But then when Ramon is leaving, and then Dragon shot Dark's head. Ramon talked to him and then they went to his apartment, where Dragon tells them that he needs their help to win a war.

Golden makes Ramon accept, and then tell travel to the year 2400. There they meet Gonda, and then Dragon leaves to talk to the King. Meanwhile Gonda shows the Castle to Ramon and Golden. But when she shows them the Sacred Crystal Waters, Ramon heard the legend that you can see the future. Then he looks into the water and see CHAOS.


Ramon looking into the Sacred Crystal Water.

Then he fainted after seeing a shadow. Then he remembered a conversation, then he wakes up on Gonda's bedroom. Then Golden tells him that he started to speak Dragonish and then he fainted, but Golden and Gonda brought him to her room.

Then they ask him to join them for coffee, where he tells them he has a Second Personality called Miles. He says that Miles can read things out of coffee. And then Golden talks about his past, and hearing that, Gonda supported him. And then Miles read out of the coffee "G+G Loves".

Then Dragon calls Ramon to his new duty. Then he tells Golden to talk to Gonda, and that Ramon would need a gun.

Trivia Edit

  • Just like Francis York Morgan, Miles can see things in the Coffee.